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VISIONS/REVISIONS ...stepping into the same river twice (Twenty-one in Truro)

April 22 - August 1, 2021.



... stepping into the same river twice.

When creating a work of art, an artist may see her subject one way initially, and then at a later time, interpret the same subject quite differently. This could happen on the same day, from morning to night; or it could happen over a matter of months or years. The artist may use two different mediums to depict the very same subject, resulting in two distinctly different outcomes. Or she may choose to take a fresh look at a realistic work painted on site and create an abstract interpretation later on in the studio.

Sometimes it’s not the artist’s interpretation that has changed at all –it’s the landscape itself, altered by nature or changed by man over the years. To quote Anais Nin: “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection.”

This exhibition gives the viewer a glimpse into the changing perceptions of the TWENTY-ONE IN TRURO artists. By returning to the same location each year, these women artists have had the privilege of seeing and interpreting the Truro landscape together over twenty-two years.

Image by Joyce Zavorskas

Two members of Twenty-one in Truro were interviewed by Jared Bowen on WGBH's "Open Studio May 21, 2021. You can watch the segment below. It beings at 6 min 27 seconds

Exhibiting Artists 2021:

Heather Blume

Michele Dangelo

Jane Eccles

Maryalice Eizenberg

Susan Hollis

Martine Jore

Jane Lincoln

Jerre Moriarty

Rosalie Nadeau

Kete Nelson

Carol Odell

Julie Olander

Suzanne M Packer

Sarah Fielding Ricci

Jo Ann Ritter

M'Lou Sorrin

Lorraine Trenholm

Christie Cardillo Velesig

Linda Young

Joyce Zavorskas


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