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Cape Cod Museum of Art

is engaging in a

once in a lifetime opportunity to digitally photograph our permanent collection with the goal of making it available to you and the world. 

From academic researchers to inquisitive patrons, our aim is to provide imagery along with the history and provenance of each piece in the collection. Digitizing our collection will also enable our curators to enhance exhibitions held throughout the museum with exciting multi-media transformative experiences.


Additionally, as we prepare each item for photography, we will endeavor to restore each artifact to its best possible condition.

You can help us today.

We need your help to match $50,000 from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a federal agency, to create images of each piece that will meet the Federal Agencies

Digital Guidelines standards.

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With the collection properly catalogued and professionally digitized, we will be able to share the collection widely, in the museum through interactive media displays, outside the museum through educational programs, and world-wide in the searchable, interactive online format. A digitally available collection will open the door to unlimited sharing of this precious resource and create opportunities for research, education, and general appreciation of the region’s rich artistic history.

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We hope you will join us on our mission to share the 2,000 + treasures in our Permanent Collection with the world by helping us match and meet our grant goal.


Double your gift’s impact today!


Thank You!

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Discussing the digitization process with Eric Philcox, Owner and Founder of PIXEL ACUITY