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Cape Cod Museum of Art
The Cape Cod Museum of Art
First Major Publication:

Authors Edith A. Tonelli, Ph.D. and Deborah Forman.


ART FROM CAPE COD celebrates the work of 122 artists from the more than 500 represented in the Museum’s permanent collection that spans visual art on Cape Cod and the Islands from the late 19th century to the present. The Cape Cod Museum of Art's collection is unique as it is the only repository of artwork that was initiated to represent the history of art on the entire Cape and Islands. CCMoA, celebrating its 35th year Anniversary in 2016, houses one of the Cape’s longest-running collections of art representing the works of the Cape and Islands’ visual artists. 


Along with images of the works representing realism, impressionistic landscapes, portraits, still life, modernist paintings and sculptures, abstract pieces, photographs, drawings and prints, ART FROM CAPE COD includes fascinating biographies of the artists, who represented the major art movements of the last 150 years. This visual and verbal portrayal gives insight and perspective into the evolution of the creative visual culture on Cape Cod and The Islands.  Co-author of Art from Cape Cod, Dr. Edith A. Tonelli, has been invited to lecture at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston on July 5, 2016, expanding on her introductory essay on the history of Cape Cod Art.  

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