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On Demand Video Page

This video page is an idea we have wanted to start for for years, and here it is! Now that many of us have a little extra time, why not learn something new, be inspired and entertained too.

As a gift to the community, take all six classes with Deborah Forman on the CCMoA's permanent collections book she co-authored titled ART FROM CAPE COD. All classes are now available to stream.  Binge learn all 12 hours!

Purchase your own copy of the CCMoA Collections Book ART FROM CAPE COD and we will send it to you!


Class 2,       Class 3,         Class 4,         Class 5,         Class 6

Listen to Harry Holl talk about pottery, life and education. 

Suzanne M. Packer Gallery Talk - Solo Exhibition - Cape Waters Abstracted 
Thursday, August 30th 2018 Gallery Talk

See talented potter Steven Kemp give a demonstration and reflect on Harry Holl, our Museum's co-founder. 2016

Art in its Soul the History of the Provincetown Art Colony Produced by the Cape Cod Museum of Art early on in the museum's history. (c) 1986

Jung-Ho Pak, Artistic Director and Conductor of the Cape Symphony speaks about the Arts in a rapidly changing world.
TO BE OR NOT TO BE? The survival of the arts in a Netflix economy.  
November 10, 2016 at the Cape Cod Museum of Art in Dennis, MA.

Sascha Feinstein on the publishing of Understanding Hans Hofmann 2018-07-19

English Professor and author Sascha Feinstein tells the story of his journey “from woe to wow” to get his father’s book Understanding Hans Hofmann published.

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