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Exhibition Proposals

Special Exhibition Proposal Process


The Cape Cod Museum of Art has one overarching mission: To Inspire Through Art. We accomplish this through our museum exhibitions in seven galleries and through educational classes and programs. Artists and Curators may propose any theme or concept for a special exhibition - consisting of one or more media - and are encouraged to consider supplemental programming that will help to engage our varied community, including but not limited to a: class, demonstration, artist(s) talk, panel discussion or a performance.

Special Exhibition Proposal Types:


Curated Exhibition Application - FORM HERE >>

A Curator is responsible for submitting this application and should include a minimum of 15 jpeg images, with a maximum of 40 images, representative of the theme and focus of the exhibition set forth. While actual works may be in progress, the curator is asked to include images indicative of the work proposed for each artist in such an exhibit. Curators who are artists themselves may propose an exhibition in which they contribute their artwork, but a curator's art should not be central to their own proposal.


Group, Individual Artist and Site-specific Art Exhibition Application - FORM HERE >>

For Groups requesting an exhibit, one organizer will be responsible for submitting the proposal which will include a minimum of 3 jpeg images for each participant with a maximum of 40 images per proposal. For groups of 14 or more, a representative sample of work may be submitted, not to exceed 40 images. If approved, the organizer will coordinate all activities between the Cape Cod Museum of Art and participating artists. Final curatorial decisions and exhibition installation will be managed by the CCMoA.


For Individual Artists requesting an exhibit, they are asked to submit a completed application form that includes a minimum of 15 jpeg images representing their work with a maximum of 30 images per proposal. If approved, curatorial organization and exhibition installation will be managed by the CCMoA.


General Information:

  • Deadlines for proposals are biannual - April 1st and October 1st by 5 PM - and will be reviewed in a timely manner by the Exhibitions Advisory Committee and the CCMoA staff.

  • Applicants will be notified by email upon receipt of a completed exhibition proposal.

  • Works submitted in your application are assumed to be available for the proposed exhibition unless stated otherwise.

  • Approved proposals will be followed by an Acceptance Packet which will be mailed to the curator, organizer or artist applying.

  • Special exhibitions are scheduled for between 4 and 8 weeks, and are generally held in one of 4 galleries of differing sizes.

  • Museum Floor-plan


The CCMoA Exhibitions Advisory Committee is comprised of museum trustees, regional artists, art educators, and other representatives from the community, serving in an advisory capacity to the museum director and staff.

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