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Staff and Departments

Benton Jones, Director of Art

508-385-4477 ext. 17

Michael Rabideau, Director of Operations

508-385-4477 ext. 16

Joyce Groemmer, Marketing/Digital Content Manager

508-385-4477 ext. 29

Erica Strzepek, Education/Program Manager

508-385-4477 ext. 27

Kira Nassar, Events Coordinator

508-385-4477 ext. 15

Nils Soderberg, CCMoA Facilities

508-385-4477 ext. 18

Susan Ostrander, Membership/Volunteer Coordinator

508-385-4477 ext. 19

Jana Jones, Registrar

508-385-4477 ext. 22

CCMoA Shop

508-385-4477 ext. 30

Board of Trustees

Trustee photo layout.png

Honorary Trustees

Charlotte Benner*
Richard Cuda*

Jack Connors

Joel Crowell
Alfred C. D’Alessandro*
Jean Hilliard
Christopher Hyland

Priscilla Laubenstein*
Thomas J. Lucey*
Henry R. Martin

Stephania McClennen

Ann O’Connell*

​​Suzanne M. Packer
Susan Priem
Barbara Rockefeller

Hrant Russian

Kathleen Sidwell
Jacquelyn Signore*

Joseph Henry Stagg III*


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