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VISION 2021: Found, Formed Fused

August 18 - November 14, 2021

Curators' Statement:

“We have no visual knowledge of any kind except that of form and space. The dimensions of space determine the world in which we move and live; and space, in turn, is defined by the objects or forms that occupy space.’ Graham Collier, “Form, Space, and Vision”

Vision 2021: Found, Formed, Fused present work that defies boundaries and traditional categories. Nationally known and local artists have created works in diverse and surprising media - fiber, found objects, cast rubber and plastic - their expressive vision results in both beautiful and challenging forms. Sea creatures emerge from recycled plastic bags, stones and shadows dance across a wall integrating shadow as medium. Cast rubber becomes a colorful luminous totem. Objects from intimate scale to larger than life transforms space creating visual delight and sparking curiosity.

The artists have delved deeply into their creativ

e processes with fearless curiosity - their individual visions have no limits.

Deborah Pressman

Cecilia Rossey



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