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Town, Sea and Landscapes

July 26 - October 30, 2023

From The CCMoA Permanent Collection

Curated by the CCMoA Docents

The Permanent Collection of the Cape Cod Museum of Art (CCMoA) reflects a treasure trove of interpretations of the world through the eyes of the artist. Whether depicting a familiar landscape of Cape Cod as in Marguerite Falconer’s atmospheric and all too familiar foggy day on nearby Sesuit Harbor or Dan Rupe’s colorful Provincetown street scene or taking us along on one’s travels as in Donald Stoltenberg’s Bamburgh Castle, the artworks in this exhibition bring a vivid sense of place to the viewer.

In the continuing quest to share the breadth and depth of the CCMoA’s Permanent Collection, Museum Docents have once again curated an exhibition, this time with a selection of artworks highlighting rich and varied styles and interpretations of town, land, and seascapes. From the selection of the works to be exhibited to researching the artists and preparing wall texts for the viewer, CCMoA Docents have the unique opportunity to actively participate in bringing exhibitions to life and share them with Museum visitors.

-Elinor Freedman, CCMoA Head Docent


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