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The Printmakers of Cape Cod: INSPIRATIONS from the Dennis Conservation Land Trust

August 19, 2021- December 12, 2021

The Dennis Conservation Land Trust (DCLT) invited all members of the Printmakers of Cape Cod to create artwork inspired by one or more of DCLT’s many landholdings including Chase Garden Creek, Coles Pond Bog, Old Fort Field, Swan River, Sesuit Neck and Bass River Park.

Juror Sarah Holl selected 34 prints, both representative and abstract and made using a variety of printing techniques, to be included in this exhibition that celebrates the stewardship of land and trails by The Dennis Conservation Trust and the 40th anniversary of the Cape Cod Museum of Art.

Below is a video recording of a live presentation held at CCMoA on Wednesday, November 3, 2021.

First, Dennis Conservation Land Trust President, Joe Masse speaks about the DCLT, its mission, lands, and vision for the future.. Then, Leslie Kramer from the Printmakers of Cape Cod explains various printmaking techniques showcased throughout the “Inspirations from DCLT” exhibition.

Scroll down to see a map of the locations in Dennis that inspired each artist.


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