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The Endless Imagination of Bob Staake

July 12 - October 15, 2023

Internationally known for his iconic New Yorker covers, best selling children's picture books, award winning illustrations and eclectic art, Bob Staake has always worn a variety of creative hats.

From magazines to animation, from publishing to products, from advertising to newspapers, Staake's prolific art has been used in virtually every form of mass communication. But Staake is also an accomplished fine artist working in a seemingly limitless array of aesthetic styles and mediums. His paintings, prints, sculptures, objects, assemblages, prototypes and drawings range from the humorous to the ethereal, from the representational to the abstract. While the Cape Cod-based artist's work has hung in museums and galleries around the world, this is the first major one-man show dedicated to simultaneously exhibiting both his illustrations as well as fine art pieces.​

"When the Cape Cod Museum of Art said they were interested in mounting an exhibition of my artwork, I was humbled, but knew it would also be an ambitious challenge," said Staake. "Throughout my career I've been less interested in establishing a singular trademark visual style that's easy to showcase than in surrendering to my

restless creative nature. Experimentation, remaining curious, embracing eclecticism; these things have all been essential for living a life of endless imagination."

"I'm hopeful," says Staake, "that the wide-ranging variety of my art will make for a truly entertaining, terrifically dizzying and refreshingly uncommon exhibit for both adults and kids."​

Video of Opening Reception on Friday, July 14, 2023 courtesy of Steve Wardle, Forest Beach Beach Design, Chatham, MA.

• Watch ArtsLight Interview below, produced by Lower Cape TV (LCTV)


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