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Sculpture from the CCMoA Permanent Collection

April 5 - July 9, 2023

Of the 2,000+ works of art in the Cape Cod Museum of Art Permanent Collection, approximately 200 are sculptures, many of which have never been exhibited at CCMoA.

This new exhibition curated by Benton Jones, CCMoA Director of Art presents 89 three-dimensional artworks dating from 1922 to the present. Small and large, standing and hanging, and created in a variety of mediums, these works of art will fill three of the Museum’s galleries with eclectic objects made by historically significant Cape Cod sculptors. Information about each artist and their pieces has been researched and provided by the CCMoA docents.

“When the CCMoA Permanent Collection was digitally photographed last summer, we became intimately familiar with every piece of sculpture in art storage" explains Jones. "Some pieces had been shown in exhibitions over the past few years, but many had not. Shown together, these artworks will provide a brief (though not comlete) overview of Cape Cod sculptors from the past century. Because the Cape Cod Museum of Art was founded by Sculptor and Potter Harry Holl, the exhibition is a perfect fit.”

Artists with sculpture in this exhibition include: Yvonne Backus, Hiram Ball, Arthur Bauman, Susan Beardsley, Heather Blume, Varujan Boghosian, William F. Boogar, Paul Bowen, Craig Brodt, Janet K. Burner, Roger Cook, Doriss Oliver, Polly Seliger Egelson, Mike Ernst, Del Filardi, Gilbert Franklin, Roy Freed, William Freed, Arnold Geissbuhler, Howard Gibbs, Alfie Glover, Xavier Gonzalez, Elspeth Halvorsen, Harold Harris, Harry Holl, Joan E. Horrocks, Penelope Jencks, Hank Jensen, Joyce Johnson, John “Jack” Kearney, James Lechay, Carl Lopes, Edward Movitz, Tom Odell, Richard Pepitone, Miroslawa Pissarenko, Richard Rosenblum, Taf Lebel Schaefer, Sidney Siman, Vernon Smith, Ann Vaughan, George R. Warrek, Stephen Whittlesey, Russie Wight-Waltman, Miriam Winslow and Mike Wright.


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