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Ric Howard: Red, White and Blue

April 13 - July 4, 2022

Richard (Ric) E. Howard (1912-1996) planted his roots here in Dennis in the 70’s after being Executive Director of Macy’s art department, and serving in World War II.

He became well known for his clean, spare style of patriotic flag paintings, as well as paintings of local landmarks and amusing depictions of Victorian family life. Often described as a “sophisticated primitive” artist, he was a highly-trained artist who used flat planes and skewed architecture, accenting humor, wit, and color.

Howard's work can be found in many permanent collections, including the Smithsonian Institution's Hirshhorn Museum and London’s National Gallery.

The CCMoA recently received a bequest of 30 original Ric Howard paintings from another local legend, the late Helen Pond, giving our Museum the greatest representation of this artist anywhere.

The exhibition runs through the 4th of July – Ric's favorite day…and we will have an open mic night and reception on May 5th, where the public will be invited to share their stories and memories of Ric before they disappear.

Dennis (Cape Playhouse)

County Fair


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