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Consignment Opportunities

Call for Submissions to the CCMoA Museum Shop



Call for Submissions - All interested Cape Cod artisans and artists* may submit items to be considered for consignment sale.


  • Submissions, in jpeg format, to be sent to:

  • Decisions will be made by the CCMoA Shop Committee as submissions are received



Policies for consignment, delivery, pickup, and time commitment are to be found on the attached document: “Museum Shop Mission Statement and Policies.” 


The policy details are listed below:

All work will be in the store for a minimum of one month and will be presented during the time of the year that the Museum Store Committee deems best suited to the interests of the Museum’s constituencies. Artists must digitally submit their items for consideration at selected times during the year when the museum puts out a “call.” Work will be cataloged and then reviewed by the Committee, which is made up of Museum staff and trustees. Work will be presented for ‘blind’ consideration; the Committee will not know whose work they are viewing during the selection process. Retail pricing must be within the parameters set up by the Museum, be at “fair market price,” and be approved by the Museum. The Museum will receive 40% of the proceeds of each sale, and will promote the artist and the work inside the museum and online, including posting bios and website information. The artist will be responsible for picking up unsold work by a set deadline.


Cape Cod Museum of Art
Museum Shop Mission Statement and Policies



The Cape Cod Museum of Art’s Museum Shop mission is to be a revenue-producing entity within the museum that supports both the museum’s vision and mission, as follows:



“The Cape Cod Museum of Art's vision is to be central to the artistic and cultural life of the region. Our goal is to epitomize excellence in all of our activities and programs and to make them available to all.”



“The Cape Cod Museum of Art’s mission is “To Inspire through Art.” We accomplish this mission by collecting, preserving, interpreting and exhibiting outstanding art by artists associated with Cape Cod, and the Islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. The museum's collections and exhibitions also include works drawn from the broader context of art history to provide the context for our regional artistic heritage. Through its educational and outreach programs, the museum seeks to be a catalyst for preserving the artistic heritage of the region and fostering cultural growth.”



The museum shop will endeavor to do this by providing a selection of items to be sold that will include the following:


  • Locally made art and functional items from outstanding Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard artists

  • Merchandise that represents excellence in art and design and has a ‘connection’ to the region either through subject matter, materials or other attributes.

  • Branded merchandise that represents the museum, its history and the permanent collection

  • Merchandise that supports ongoing exhibitions, educational endeavors and events, such as books and catalogues and a limited selection of art supplies for classes offered, etc.

  • Other gifts and small items that encourage “impulse” buying at the register



Merchandise will be obtained on either a consignment basis, where possible (terms to be determined by negotiations between vendor and shop manager) or through direct wholesale avenues.


Members in good standing will be allowed to present their work for consideration for the museum shop on a 60/40 consignment basis, for a period of at least one month, at which time any unsold items are to be removed from the shop or replaced with new items.  The amount and size of work to be accepted will be determined by the shop manager and Shop Selection Committee, based on display space available, price point, and overall mix of merchandise within the shop.  No artwork will be discounted unless approved by the artist first.


Members in good standing will be given a 10% discount on all merchandise.


Museum staff, board of trustee members, and honorary trustees will be given a 10% discount on all merchandise.

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