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FIRST LOOK: Recent Acquisitions to the CCMoA Permanent Collection

March 16 - May 15, 2022

FIRST LOOK celebrates 26 recent acquisitions to CCMoA's Permanent Collection. This year’s exhibition includes works accessioned in both 2020 and 2021. Twenty-six (26) artists are represented for a total of 37 new works of art. With a few exceptions, this is the first time CCMoA has exhibited any of these works. The artists with work in this exhibition are:

Steve Allrich (1952 - )

Gerrit A. Beneker (1882-1934)

Ed Chesnovitch (1962-)

Mary Crocker Fassett (1915-2016)

Jim Dine (1935-)

Del Filardi (1929-)

Arnold Geissbuhler (1897-1993)

Charles Hawthorne (1872-1930)

William Holst (1912-1995)

Rachel Kaufman (1912-2001)

John "Jack" Kearney (1924-2014)

William A. Miller, Jr.

Cherie Mittenthal (1963-)

Miroslawa Pissarenko (1909-2006)

Elizabeth Hayes Pratt (1927-2015)

Rowland Scherman (1937-)

Kathleen Sidwell (1946-)

Sidney Simon (1917-1997)

Edward Skoler (1927-2015)

Maurice Sterne (1878-1957)

Milton Teichman (1930-)

Selina Trieff (1934-2015)

Frank Winters (1943-)

George Karen Zhouf (1940-)


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