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ENOUGH / Jane Lincoln

April 8 - May 30, 2021


Cape Cod Times

The Provincetown Independent

Artist Jane Lincoln put aside the traditional tools of the trade for this series that focuses on mass shootings which have occurred in the United States.

Instead of a paint brush, she picked up a large spike and hammered it through black Canson paper. She made one ragged hole for each gunshot death as if shot by a bullet. In total she created forty-one pieces that tell the story of these mass shootings.

Her intent is to make visual the hard, cold facts and prompt the viewer to reflect on the real loss of life.

Research was the first step in the creative process for Jane. She wanted to know the day, date and location of the shooting; how it happened and the chronology of the event; who was shot, their sex and age. This informed the composition of each piece.

Using a grid layout, Jane made each piece 12 inches wide to acknowledge that each of these tragedies is equal in impact even if the death toll varies from shooting to shooting. She adjusts the height of each piece to address the number killed. Each nail hole represents a victim who has died. The position is determined by the sequence of the shooting.

As a colorist, Jane wanted the colors selected for

each victim to be significant so she considered what colors might be associated with the incident. For the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting she uses primary colors; the school colors of Virginia Tech; and for the Pulse Night Club the colors of the rainbow symbolic of the LGBT movement.

Sadly, Jane added five new works to this series between April 8 and May 30 due to recent mass shootings.


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