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All The World's A Stage

An International, Juried Exhibition

Sponsored by the Jeremiah Kaplan Foundation

May 11 - July 24, 2022

"Theme shows can be fun. Give artists something to fix onto and their imagination will astound you. With this theme, the possibilities are wide open. As the [William Shakespeare] quote suggests, the world itself is a stage, which allows for almost anything. A landscape (the world) is a stage setting, with or without actors present. Then there is the literal stage, a structure for presenting performers or ideas with props, costumes, color and light. We had hundreds of great submissions so we chose to pack the house as full as possible. You have your ticket now, enjoy the show."

Bill Evaul, Juror

May, 2022


First Place Award

Peter Coes / MA

The Sisters Lit The Temple

Acrylic on panel​

Second Place

Meridith McNeal / NY

Magical Things From Recovery in Contemplation, Stage Watercolor on paper

Third Place

G. Roland Biermann / UK

Under Cover

Plasma-cut and welded steel, cast-bronze



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