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Grateful for Gifts: Landscapes & StillLifes

Curator’s Gallery Talk:

November 24th - 2pm

The Cape Cod Museum of Art is deeply grateful to all the artists and collectors who have donated gifts

of their artwork to the Museum. With more than 2000 works in the Permanent Collection, CCMoA is preserving the artistic identity of the Cape Cod region for future generations.

Exhibitions Curator, Michael A. Giaquinto, has mined gifts from CCMoA’s collection with an eye to the images, compositions and perspective of the works. In his Gallery Talk he will explain why he has chosen landscapes and still –lifes from renowned Cape Cod Artists to show how important an artist’s sense of composition is to both pictorial concepts.

“For example,” Giaquinto says, “When you view these paintings, keep in mind the composition. The first thing an artist does is compose the subject matter, arranging objects of different sizes against each other to form a single composition. This same approach is applied to setting up a still life as well as viewing a landscape.”

Giaquinto will direct the viewer to notice how an artist plays with different shapes. “The shapes may be trees, mountains, and water or copper pots, potted plants and flower arrangements. But in both cases, strong, well-arranged elements can equal a fine composition in a painting”.

Some of the renowned Cape Cod Artists represented in this exhibition are Alan Banks, Betsy Bennett, Arthur Cohen, Marguerite E. Falconer, Henry Hensche, Megan Hinton, Robert Douglas Hunter, Alice Mongeau, and Carol Odell.

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