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Hiram Ball: Master of Media

​Exhibition Dates: January 30 - March 8

A masterclass in figurative sculpture, Master of Media will showcase the best of Ball’s work from the past two decades. Making his return to CCMoA, Hiram Ball has previously been selected for group exhibitions, received a Juror’s Choice Award, hosted a docent tour at his “Atelier Ball” studio, and had a bronze relief sculpture accepted into the museum’s permanent collection. Focused on the variety of sculpture mediums his works employ, Master of Media will explore Ball’s in-depth journey into the world of fine art.

Hiram Ball is known for not only his own sculpture, but also for the advancements he’s made in developing sculpture materials. Seized by an entrepreneurial spirit, he sought to compete with the dominating products in the fine art market. After years of research, travel, and experimentation, Ball brought his products forward to the fine art community- and found himself drawn into their world. Now an accomplished sculptor, Hiram Ball seeks to capture the beauty of human form using his own casting materials. Working out of his “Atelier Ball” studio in Harwich, MA, Ball also draws inspiration from the Cape’s artistic community as a member of the weekly gathering at the Paul Schulenburg Studio with a live figure model as inspiration. Composed in oil-based clay from life, Ball’s intricate sculptures are captured through the mold making process and cast in a variety of mediums, from bronze and marble powders to materials of his own.

About Hiram Ball

Mr. Ball started his business career in 1969 in the Glass Fiber Division of Pittsburgh Plate Glass Industries, Pittsburgh, PA. From there, he went on to work in the Netherlands in 1980, where he was charged with commercializing Dutch glass fiber technology in the North American markets. In 1990, he began to commercialize in the Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) market. He discovered that the GFRG product with the polymer modification had applications in the decorative and fine arts market. It was in marketing this product into the fine arts market that he discovered his love of figurative sculpture. He began taking workshops and studying anatomy books to perfect his skills. His work has won awards in gallery shows in New York City and Cape Cod Galleries. He is currently represented by the Gallery Antonia in Chatham and the Egeli Gallery in Provincetown, MA.

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