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Ship of State...Paintings by Robert Henry

The Wave of the Future, 2009, Oil on Canvas

Exhibition Dates: August 22 – October 20, 2019

This exhibition is less a retrospective and more of a thematic selection of Robert Henry’s paintings. Working along with Bob, we poured through his personal collection, built from a lifetime of prolific artistic productivity. The body of work in this exhibition immediately stood out as being cohesive, powerful and socially relevant. Upon seeing Bob’s quiet passion for these Ship of State paintings, I knew we both were in agreement to exhibit them.

As you take it all in, you cannot remain silent - your eyes move around the canvas - searching for the words to express your feelings. Each work is a complete composition - the paint strokes - like words on paper - telling you everything about the moment the brush was placed on the canvas, a rhythm - a rhythm conducted by the artist.

A feeling of desperation is palpable- individuals bound together in a common struggle for survival – some actively helping others, and some choosing to sacrifice others in the hope of saving themselves.

This installation brings out the strength of color and imagery. The placement of these paintings is important for the overall understanding of the exhibition, to allow them to “speak” to each other and the viewer. Revelation happens, and we applaud.

-- Michael A. Giaquinto, Exhibitions Curator

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