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For this year’s CCMoA International, Juried Exhibition, we asked artists to interpret the theme

“In Tandem” in a visual work of art. In Tandem may be defined as the process of 2 or more objects, mechanisms, people or concepts working in conjunction with each other to achieve a desired result.


The response was record-breaking with 283 artists from 30 states across the USA as well as from Canada, England and China submitting 424 artworks for this competition. Only 85 artworks were selected by juror Peter Michael Martin. 3 of the artists will receive awards for their pieces during the Opening Reception and Gallery Talk on Friday, May 19, 2023.

In Tandem is sponsored by Bob and Cathey Portrie.

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Mark Chester

Go Players, California 1975

Gelatin silver print

"This photo immediately draws you in. It's almost like a still from a short video. The gentlemen's motionless dark coats neatly hanging against the white background, in a way, escort the viewer to the activity below. The composition creates a sense of expectation as the longer you look at it the more you assume one of them will make a move. The spontaneous mood of the photograph creates a delightful window for the viewer just on the edge of eavesdropping. "

- Peter Michael Martin, Juror


Richard Pawlak

Two Women Sitting

Fresco on MDF board

"Although compact in size it presents a significant impression. It's like meeting someone for the first time and you walk away thinking oh- what an endearing person. The two women sitting in Tandem has a sense of timelessness. This could be a moment capturing someone’s grandmother, mother, aunt, sister, partner or an old friend. The composition has a Sense of Place - in a quiet way it takes me to the Old North End of Boston or even a side street of Krakow, Poland. Their position makes you wonder what they might be talking about and what they see off to the right. The rich yet soft palette elevates these two simple figures resulting in a larger-than-life perspective."

- Peter Michael Martin, Juror


Mark Yale Harris

One Trick Pony

Cast bronze

"Surprisingly as strong as Bronze is - it can also be cute, charming and enchanting. The Pony -marble like, strapping in size, is almost seen secondary to the black fledging bird upon its rump. Like opposites attract-the little bird sits atop his friend the Pony. As one is drawn close to the two, you can really appreciate the sensual, and organic lines that create the Pony. At almost every angle there is an appreciated view. The simplicity of the little black bird also creates a smooth sensual and appealing perspective. Combined, this pair in tandem beckon you to be friends. One Trick Pony is certainly about relationships of unsuspecting companions."

- Peter Michael Martin, Juror

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