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Watch artists' "process" videos:

Tom Haxo
The Long Wait

Joyce Zavorskas
Sheltering at Home #3

Rick Branscomb
Cliff Pond Nocturne

Heather Pillas
Memento Morrie

Rita Colantonio
Bellbottom Days

Read about Sketchy in the Provincetown Independent

Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 1.45.56 PM.png

The theme of this year’s Annual Members’ Juried Exhibition is SKETCHY.


In our call for entries, artists were asked to submit artworks that reveal some aspect of their process of creation in the finished product or in accompanying materials such as a sketch, printing plate/block, maquette or process photos.


106 artists submitted a total of 192 artworks for this competition. Only 52 artworks were selected. 

A note from the juror to all artists who submitted artwork:


"One of my greatest joys when looking at art is getting up close to see how a work was made. I’m drawn in when I see evidence of the artist’s hand in the form of an unfiltered and direct touch on a surface. Discovering a hair from a paint brush, the droppings from an eraser, or finger prints and pencil lines, all of which confirm that a human was behind the creation. It is then that I start to feel a connection to the piece and the artist. With your submission not only have you revealed some of your process, you’ve also shown that there is beauty in raw, unpolished work. Thank you for your submission."

-Jackie Reeves, juror*

Open Eyes To Color

1-Day Color Theory Workshop 

with Jane Lincoln


Friday, March 1 

1:00pm - 4:00pm

Jane Lincoln is an expert in color theory, concentrating on the precision and relationships of colors in her own art. Through class exercises, Jane demonstrates how to analyze your color palette for hue, value, temperature, chroma, and extension. An emphasis is placed on continuing comparison/observation - "thinking in situations" - making the class aware that discovery and invention are the criteria of creativeness.

BPCook_England .jpg

“Sketchy”  2-Day Workshop 

with Betsy Payne Cook, PPSCC, CPS


Thursday, March 7 & Friday, March 8

10:00am - 1:00pm each day.

Demos and lessons will provide you with sketching techniques that will easily keep your sketchbook full of ideas. Carry over into the studio or when painting en plein air and these sketching techniques can become part of your routine when you prep for painting. Tips will be provided on ways to use your sketchbook as a visual journal. 

Juror's Awards

Juror Jackie Reeves announced the 3 award-winners at the January 11th Gallery Talk and Reception.
She said that the "rubric" she used to select the winners is based on the quote below from the Group of Seven, a group of Canadian landscape painters from the early 20th century.
Does the artwork:

Capture the eyes

Provoke the mind

Stir the memory

Feed the heart

Rob_Longley_Silent Specter.jpg
Teresa Baksa_gardenofcompassion.jpg
Helene Stracco
Standing Together
14" x 15"
Helen Stracco Process.jpeg
Rob Longley
Silent Specter
Oil on canvas
38" x 32"
Rob longley Sketch.jpg
Teresa Baksa
Garden of Compassion
Oil on linen
40" x 40"
Teresa Baksa_gardenofcompassionstudy.jpg

About The Juror:

Jackie Reeves

“If I had to draw a picture of my life as an artist it would look like a doodle of looping circles and lines that overlap and retrace.vFresh out of art school I worked in design, illustration and graphics but soon fell into a fifteen year career painting murals for corporate, private, and public spaces. At mid life I was inspired to move away from the commercial art realm and return to art school for an MFA.  During the last 12 years I have focused on studying art history and developing my artistic voice. Now, to my surprise, mural painting has seeped back into my life and found a place in the mix of my artistic expressions.

The lines of separation that once existed in my mind between, design, illustration, drawing, painting, high art, low art, commercial art… have blurred into one giant scribble. It’s all art that feeds my soul and shows me how interconnected we all are.”

~ Jackie Reeves

Jackie Reeves is a Cape Cod based artist living in Sandwich and working out of Chalkboard Studio in Barnstable Village. She has a BFA from Concordia University (Montreal) and an MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design (Low residency at Fine Art Work Center in Provincetown).

To learn more, visit and follow Jackie on Instagram @jackiereevesart

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