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Save the date!

Mangia al Museo 2024 will be held March 9, 2024!


The pottery studio is bustling with volunteers and students who are throwing and glazing 400 beautiful bowls for the event!

Congratulations to

Tom Bayuk, lead chef
Treats Catering

Winner"Best Sauce 2023"
and recipient of the "First Plate" award, made by Trustee Kathleen Fowler.



 Mangia al Museo 2023
in-person at the
Cape Cod Museumof Art!

Saturday, March 11th
5:00pm - 8:00pm


 Meet The Chefs!


DAVID WHYNOT – owner of Lo Adoro Italian Market in Sandwich Village

David believes that food is a love language best spoken with an Italian accent. Lo Adoro carries a carefully selected variety of wines, cheeses, pastas, olive oils, meats as well as fresh made Sandwiches and pre-prepared meals. Says David “All your favorites, because delicious lives here”.


Lo Adoro Italian Market
132 Route 6A
Sandwich, Massachusetts 02563



Instagram:  @loadoromarket

Lo Adoro outlines1).jpg

CAROLE KELAHER - owner of Corner of Yum, Dennis Village

Corner of Yum is the cozy retail addition to chef/creator Carole Kelaher’s “Sweet & Savory” catering service. Specializing in weeknight dinners for the local cape cod community, Corner of Yum also serves delicious soups and cakes and gelato, yearround. Says Carole, “My drive to make healthy, hearty, wholesome cuisine for the people around me has blossomed into a business I’m proud of.”


Corner of Yum

766 Route 6A
Dennis, MA, USA, 02660




Corner of Yum.png

MARC SIEVERS - Entertaining Expert, Cookbook Author, TV Personality on America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation
Marc J. Sievers is a cookbook author and entertaining expert.  He has spent the past decade sharing his expertise for earthy and elegant vegetarian cooking, easy entertaining, and thoughtful but uncomplicated style. Marc has published three cookbooks, created a YouTube channel that brings his culinary and entertaining expertise to life for his viewers, and can be seen competing for the top spot on America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation. Marc resides in Hyannis.



YouTube: YouTube.come/@marcjsievers

Instagram: @marcjsievers

Logo - Marc Sievers PRIMARY Outlines PRINT.png

TOM BAYUK - lead Chef of Treats Catering, Dennis
Tom has been “wowing” Treats’ customers with his tasteful catered events for over 15 years. Treats Catering is well known from Provincetown to Woods Hole.  Says Tom, “the key ingredients that have allowed us to serve the cape so successfully all these years: homemade food, local ingredients, attention to detail, innovative and adaptive menus, and exquisite service with a casual Cape Cod approach”.

Tom is a previous WINNER of best sauce at CCMoA’s Mangia al Museo.


Treats Catering

25 Scarsdale Road

Dennis, MA, 02638,


Screen Shot 2023-01-18 at 12.59.07 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 4.45.49 PM.png

DOUG FOSS - owner, Foss Farms

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. In Chef Doug's case, you make marinara sauce. In the spring of 2014, Chef Doug sustained a horrific injury. He came dangerously close to losing his leg. Although this was not the case, Chef Doug was left with a permanent disability and nerve damage to his left leg. As the spring turned to summer, Chef Doug turned to what he loves  


Marinara is a staple in the Foss household.  With the support of his two beautiful children, Axel and Ashley, Chef Doug made a decision to use them as inspiration and create his classic marinara sauce to sell at markets on Cape Cod. He struggled with a brace and crutches all summer long, but Chef Doug was able to make and jar his famous sauce and sell it at local farmers markets. From there, it simply grew into something no one in our family could have predicted. Foss Farms Marinara Sauce has now developed quite a following on Cape Cod and has spread to areas off Cape as well.

Foss Farms

35 Grand Oak Road
Forestdale, MA 02644



Instagram: @fossfarms

Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 4.52.20 PM.png

BILL DONAHUE - owner, Cape Cod Kettle

On the Cape, there are generally three types of folks...Tourists, Natives, and the Wash a Shores. Although he has been on Cape as very young guest since the late 1950's, Chef "Boston" Bill Donahue is a proud Wash a Shore now calling Cape Cod his home. He emigrated to the Cape from, well... Boston where he had been serving delicious food for years. It was only natural that he would continue creating wonderful food for people to enjoy. When he started a chowder company in what is arguably the center of the chowder universe, some thought that he was crazy...until they tried his chowder!

Along with chowders, bisques and sauces (clam, scampi, piccata, marsala, and bolognese sauces), Bill offers full service catering and event planning.

Cape Cod Kettle

P.O. Box 349
South Dennis, MA 02648



Thank you to all participating chefs for donating their

delicious sauces to Mangia. And, thank you to the businesses below for their generous donations of  food, beverages & music!

Ungerground on white.png
Cape Cod Macaron.png
Screen Shot 2023-01-18 at 12.57.08 PM.png
Josh Wine Cellars.png

BLU Central

And last but not least, a huge thank you to

Pottery Students


Thank you to our sponsor!

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