Thank you
to all who
participated in our auction!

Thank you to all of the artists who have participated in our silent and live auctions - important fundraisers for the CCMoA. A special acknowledgment goes to artists donating 100%, noted with a (*). 

Chuck Anzalone • Patrick Altieri • Andrew Arnault* • Sam Barber • Patricia Hopkins Barnes*
Melissa Bearse • Loretta Bloom-Bohaty • Bonnie Brewer • Maureen Callahan*
Matthias Christensen • Joan Clark • John Clayton • Robert Clibbon • Ross Coppelman

 Nathaniel Doane • Maryellen Dunbar* • Jane Eccles* • Janet Edmonds* • Bill Evaul* 
Samuel L. Feinstein • Patricia Stark Feinstein* • Arthur Flory • Deborah Forman* 
Elinor Freedman* • Michael Giaquinto* • Alfred Glover • Grainger Pottery* 
Deborah Fowler Greenwood* • Joyce Groemmer • Don Hartman • Kenneth Hawkey 
Holly Heaslip* • Ray Heus* • Jim Holland • Susan Hollis* • Ric Howard • Robert Douglass Hunter Mariluise Hutchinson • Neil Kennedy* • Steven Kennedy • Leslie Kramer • Susan Kurtzman*  Louise Lane* • Elizabeth Lazeren • Linda Liberty* • Jane Lincoln* • Pia Mackenzie
Poria Anat Malka • Peter M. Martin* • Dick McGarr • Joseph McGurl • Susan & Peter Milsky* Anne F. Morse* • Rosalie Nadeau • Richard Neal* • Gwen Nichols*• Zulu Nyala
Jean Marie O’Clair* • Roe Osborn • Susan Overstreet* • Suzanne M. Packer

Michael Pearson* • Liz Perry* • Linda Popper* • Mark Preu* • Maxene Raymond*

Jo Ann Ritter • Peter Romanelli* • Cecilia Rossey* • Stephanie Rossi* • Kim Rumberger*

Rowland Schermann • Victoria Schuh • Paul Schulenburg • Robert Scutt • James Seaman

Tracy Paige Smith* • Linda Sharp* • Rick Sharp* • Natalie Stafford • Maurice Sterne
Lee Sullivan* • Steve Swain* • Milton Teichman* • Douglas Turner • Gail Turner*
Christie Cardillo Velesig • Lance Walker • Karen North Wells • Robin Wessman • Harold White

Carolyn Wiedemann* • Karol B. Wycoff • Joyce Zavorskas

There's Still Time to Donate to Our
40th Anniversary "Fund THE Need"!

Our 40th Anniversary "Fund The Need” campaign kicked off on August 7th at the Summer Soirée and is now in full swing through September 30th.


Your generous donation will help CCMoA continue to inspire and excite the imaginations of all through diverse programming, education offerings and the cataloguing, digitizing and preservation of our permanent collection. Thank you for your continued support!

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Bob and Cathey Portrie

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