Annual Members Juried Exhibition

Learn more about "Transparent" in an insightful article and interview with CCMoA Director of Art, Benton Jones by Joanne Briana-Gartner, ENTERPRISE NEWSPAPERS  /, March 18, 2022

Poria Anatmalka, Male and Female He Created them

“This exhibition is a silver lining during the darkest days of the year. The quality and number of entries speaking to this thought provoking theme came unexpectedly. The theme Transparent, Translucent, Opaque: Layered Meanings served as a starting point, and the resulting interpretations are impressive! I am certain that everyone who spends the time to absorb this annual CCMoA Members exhibition will came away with an expanded understanding and delight in this multifarious collection.”

        - Benton Jones, CCMoA Director of Art, Juror


Over 200 works of art were submitted by 120 artists for this exhibition. Only 91 of these works were selected for inclusion.

There will be an opening reception on Thursday, February 3 from 4pm to 7pm. Please RSVP for one of 

two time slots!

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Exhibiting Artists

Erica H. Adams

Nikki Alexander

Helen C. Baldwin

Linda Beach

Katharine Berry

Lauren Brading

Susan Bredl

Mark Brennan

Gail M. Burke

Phyllis Charles

Mark Chester

Rita Colantonio

Monica Collier

Lynne Conroy

Antonia Cook

Rachel Crosby

Ellen C. Davies

Mary Doering

Barbara Ford Doyle

Edward Dusek

Patricia M. DuVall

Jane Eccles

Herb Edwards

Maryalice Eizenberg

Libby Ellis

Patricia Stark Feinstein

Carol Flax

Kathleen Fowler

Elinor Freedman

Alice N. Galick

Elaine M. Gardner

Michael A. Giaquinto

Deborah Fowler Greenwood

Ann Guiliani

Ann Hablanian

Nicholas Heaney

Anne Hitch

Pam Hudson

Anne Ierardi

Amy Jasperson

Joan Kenney

Jakki Kouffman

Leslie Kramer

Elizabeth Lazeren

Jane Lincoln

Annette MacAdams

Karl W. Maki

Poria Anat Malka

Chippa Martin

Jess McConnell

Ann Marie McKenna

Ben McLaughlin

Wayne Miller

Norine Molloy

Anne Morse

Nicolas Nobili

Carol Odell

Suzanne Packer

Arran Paskauskas

Liz Perry

David Phillips

Lorraine Piver

Rudi Pizzi

Maxene Raymond

Pamela Redick

Peggy Richard

Georgene Riedl

Sarah Riley

Hugo Rizzoli

Cecilia Rossey

Karen R. Ryder

Victoria Schuh

Lew Schwartz

Robert Scutt

Marie Shanahan

Jody Shyllberg

Natalie Stafford

Marian Strangfeld

Erica Strzepek

Lee Sullivan

Deidre Tao

Gary Urgonski

Elizabeth Kelly Walker

Nick Zaremba

Alla Zbinovsky

Judy Zehentner