Recent Acquisitions to the CCMoA Permanent Collection
March 16 - May 15, 2022

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The Tourist, Sidney Simon


Green Sky at Nauset Beach, Milton Teichman


Paper cut, Miroslawa Pissarenko

FIRST LOOK celebrates 26 recent acquisitions to CCMoA's Permanent Collection. This year’s exhibition includes works accessioned in both 2020 and 2021. Twenty-six (26) artists are represented for a total of 37 new works of art. With a few exceptions, this is the first time CCMoA has exhibited any of these works. The artists with work in this exhibition are:

Steve Allrich (1952 - )

Gerrit A. Beneker (1882-1934)

Ed Chesnovitch (1962-)

Mary Crocker Fassett (1915-2016)

Jim Dine (1935-)

Del Filardi (1929-)

Arnold Geissbuhler (1897-1993)

Charles Hawthorne (1872-1930)

William Holst (1912-1995)

Rachel Kaufman (1912-2001)

John "Jack" Kearney (1924-2014)

William A. Miller, Jr.

Cherie Mittenthal (1963-)

Miroslawa Pissarenko (1909-2006)

Elizabeth Hayes Pratt (1927-2015)

Rowland Scherman (1937-)

Kathleen Sidwell (1946-)

Sidney Simon (1917-1997)

Edward Skoler (1927-2015)

Maurice Sterne (1878-1957)

Milton Teichman (1930-)

Selina Trieff (1934-2015)

Frank Winters (1943-)

George Karen Zhouf (1940-)