Creative Outlets is a no-fee arts program
for 12 to 16 year olds at the
Cape Cod Museum of Art! 

Workshops to develop young people’s creativity across a wide range of the arts. Three six-week programs will be offered on Sundays from April through September. Some of our workshops include Visual and Plastic Arts, Improvisation, Acting and Storytelling, Farm-to-Table Nutrition and Cuisine, and Ceramics. Exhibition and Performance opportunities are offered during Creative Outlets Open Houses.

Workshops will be led by artists, a team facilitator and a mentor, to model inspiring collaboration in an uplifting and supportive group. This program is offered as an oasis for young adults who find themselves with diminishing opportunities for creative and healthy choices for expressing themselves. Sign up today for these workshops and discover your own Creative Outlets to enjoy for a lifetime. Participants will be selected based on available space in workshops and group dynamics.

See A Sample Sunday

Creative Outlets 2020 Workshops

SESSION I: April 19 – May 31 


April 19 -  Workshop #1

Farm to Fork Nutrition: If Cells Talk, Are We Listening? Part I

An introduction to the private lives and communication of plants and herbs. Learn how the natural world provides nutrition and healing powers when we unlock its secrets.  Together, we will design and install our own vegetable/herb garden based on the plan we draw to scale. 


April 26 -  Workshop #2

Farm to Fork Nutrition: Are We What We Eat? Part II

Why do we eat?  How does food make us feel?  Are taste buds fickle?  We will discover the color code in vegetables and fruits and their warrior characteristics.  And explore if food gives or takes away power, both physical and mental?  We will have a tasting and create plant prints.

Connor Jacobus: A graduate of UMass-Amherst in Ethnobotany, has recently been traveling in the Peruvian Amazon, learning about the lives and agricultural practices of indigenous people.  Connor has been in recovery from addiction for many years.

Kahren Dowcett: Educator and artist, Kahren Dowcett has been creating larger than life imagery of the natural world for stage performances, parades and festivals on Cape Cod for almost two decades.  Her other passion is health and healing and the power and beauty of food as medicine.

May 3 - Workshop #3                                                

Silly Serious Theater - Part I 

In this highly interactive workshop, participants will explore themes through Improv and Theater games and activities.  We will laugh a lot and learn a little something about ourselves and each other. Absolutely no experience needed to have fun!   


May 10 - Workshop #4                                                                                 

Silly Serious Theater - Part II builds and expands on Part I.  

Meghann Perry, CARC: A Certified Addiction Recovery Coach, actor, award-winning storyteller, facilitator, and teaching artist. With a degree in Theater Education from Emerson College, Meghann combines her background in the performing arts with her work in substance use prevention and recovery, coaching in projects like Improbable Players, Creative Outlets, and Recovery Storytelling. She is also a facilitator of the Recovery Coach Academy curriculum. Learn more at

May 18 - Workshop #5                                                                                 

Unveiling the Mask - Part I.

This session will explore the multitude of masks we wear as young people and through our older years, and the actions and attitudes the masks enable us to do and feel - actions that help or harm, attitudes that add or diminish. We’ll get our hands gooped up as we make the invisible visible and bring to life the ways we can choose to show ourselves to the world. Exploring various techniques and materials, everyone in the session will create an individual mask.


May 24 - Workshop #6                                                                                 

Unveiling the Mask - Part II.

In part II, we will co-create a single mega-mask as an expression of what we seek to become.

Kahren Dowcett: Papier-mache artist and educator Kahren Dowcett has been creating larger than life masks and giant puppets for stage performances, parades and festivals on Cape Cod for almost two decades.  She has conducted workshops in schools and community settings where young and old, novice and professional artists have come together in “quilting-bee” fashion to design, build and perform images to make stories and music come alive.  Community building is her passion and papier-mache group art making is as much about connection through the process as the finished product.  Fun, inventive, and like finger painting, everyone can papier-mache and create imaginary as well as functional objects!

Tom Thompsen: Tom finds creating art through a variety of mediums to be relaxing, therapeutic, and fun. An addict in long-term recovery, he enjoys helping others find healthy, creative ways of expressing themselves. He has presented to groups and individuals as varied as inmates in county jails, patients in Cape Cod Hospital Psychiatric Ward, Parents Supporting Parents ( a group for parents of addicts), students in Framingham and Nauset High Schools, and has facilitated a support group for high school students at the Orleans Methodist Church. He speaks of his experiences with child abuse, depression, anxiety, and addiction and his struggle to create a life of meaning and compassion. “By telling my story I hope to give my listeners permission and courage to tell their own stories.”

Ken Rubinstein: Session One's Facilitator has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Michigan and a B.A. in Psychology from Amherst College. He practices a number of forms of light touch energy bodywork, including Craniosacral Therapy and Polarity Therapy, and is a psychotherapist with an office in South Dennis.

May 31 - Open House

Open house events provide exhibition and performance opportunities for our teens.

Want To Apply?

Please download the application below, complete and sign the form, and return it by snail mail to:  Cape Cod Museum of Art, Attn: Creative Outlets, 60 Hope Lane, Dennis, MA 02638. In the alternative, you can scan the completed document and email it to 

Upon review, teen and parent or guardian will be scheduled for an interview at the Cape Cod Museum of Art.  Applicants will be notified of their enrollment status shortly after the interview. Interviews will be held in March.

For more information, please contact:

Tonia St. Germain

Sharon Leder, Founder

View our Enrollment Video below

Sharon Leder founded Creative Outlets because she recognizes the importance positive engagement plays in the lives of young adults looking for their place in the community. With a growing pervasiveness of substance use disorder in the United States, and a disproportionate concentration of young adults experiencing a dangerous boredom on Cape Cod, Leder wants to offer safe, constructive and positive experiences to nurture the leaders of tomorrow. 

Sharon witnessed first-hand the devastation that addiction causes to a family. She is the daughter of a heroin-addicted father who died from overdose. Her recent book “The Fix: A Father’s Secrets, A Daughter’s Search” documents her story in novel form, all proceeds of which fund this project along with other grants and sponsorships.  Creative Outlets has joined with the Cape Cod Museum of Art in Dennis and visual and performing artists to create a variety of thought provoking sessions at no cost to participants.

These workshops are made possible through donations from The Arts Foundation of Cape Cod; The Cape Cod Foundation; Nauset Public Schools; Project Here and Attorney General Maura Healey;  Cultural Councils of Brewster, Chatham, Eastham, Harwich,  Orleans, and Wellfleet supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council; Dennis Arts & Cultural Council; Mid-Cape Cultural Council; Am Ha Yam Havurah; St. Peter's Lutheran Church;  Zahn Foundation; Cape Air; Shaws; The Lawrence-Lynch Foundation for Charitable Giving of the Cape Cod Foundation; The Carolyn Van Vleck Pratt Fund for the Arts of the Cape Cod Foundation; The Carol Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation; First Parish Unitarian Universalist; The Fix Fund  of the Nauset Interfaith Association- from proceeds of Sharon Leder's  novel, The Fix: A Father's Secrets; A Daughter's Search.  

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