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Cape Cod Museum of Art

Art Classes

See registration information listed below workshops.
Materials lists for classes are listed at the bottom of this page. 

To register online, click on the underlined price.  

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FALL CLASSES 2014     


POTTERY CLASSES with Nat Doane, Harry Holl Clay Studio Manager


Beginning Wheel-Thrown Pottery  SOLD OUT

8 weeks / Mondays, Sept 22 - November 17 / 6 - 8 pm
Members: $215   Not-yet members: $240     ($45 materials fee included in the price)
Focusing on the fundamentals of “throwing” on the potter’s wheel, these classes are an introduction to the basic visual and technical issues involving ceramic forms. Through demonstrations and individual assistance, Nat helps each student develop skills using the potter’s wheel to create functional forms such as cups, bowls and vases


Intermediate/Advanced Pottery  SOLD OUT  
8 weeks / Tuesdays, September 23 - November 11 / 6 - 8:30 pm
Members: $235   Not-yet members: $260   ($45 materials fee included in the price)

Those who have taken the beginner's class, or who have some other experiences with the wheel, will find this a great class to continue developing skills and techniques in pottery-making.


Open Clay Studio
Thursdays, September 25 - November 13 / 6 - 8 pm  
Per individual session: Members $30  Not-yet Members $45.00
Students must use CCMA clay.  Clay price including bisque firing is $21.00
Students must call to register for Open Clay Studio: 508-385-4477 ext 16
Previous clay experience required.

Beginning Wheel-Thrown Pottery   SOLD OUT! 
8 weeks / Fridays, September 26 - November 14 / 10 am - 1 pm
Members: $260   Not-yet members: $285  ($45 materials fee included in the price)
Focusing on the fundamentals of “throwing” on the potter’s wheel, these classes are an introduction to the basic visual and technical issues involving ceramic forms. Through demonstrations and individual assistance, Nat helps each student develop skills using the potter’s wheel to create functional forms such as cups, bowls and vases.

2014 Fall Classes

Painting, Mixed Media & Collage
Christy King
8 weeks / Tuesdays, Sept. 23 - Nov. 11 / 10 am - Noon
Members: $155  Non-members: $175 (Price includes $25 materials fee)

    Beginning with your own watercolor or acrylic painting surfaces (which we can create in class), discover the unexpected power of adding other media to enhance your creative expression. From collage materials to stamping and/or relief printing, utilizing various papers, and exploring transfer methods, students will be guided through a process of gathering, assembling and creating unique and compelling compositions. Students can bring some personal collage materials, but most supplies and materials are provided. Great fun in a creative, supportive environment!


Introduction to Oil Painting
Melanie McGraw
6 weeks / Tuesdays, Sept 23 - Oct 28 / 1 - 4 pm
Members: $140     Non-members: $165

     This class welcomes beginning and intermediate students with an introduction to the materials and techniques of oil painting with an emphasis in classical painting techniques. Safe painting habits, preparing surfaces, composition, drawing, perspective and color theory / harmony are also covered. Specific instruction on the steps to complete an oil painting, demonstrations and individual attention is provided for each student to ensure success!





Painting Seascape, Landscape and Marine  
Kenneth Evans
8 weeks / Wednesdays, Sept 24 - Nov 12 / 10 am – Noon
Members: $130  Non-members: $150

     This class is for painters in any medium. Individual attention is given accordingly. The intent is to help free painters from the motif of the world before them, to enjoyably express a personal artistic vision. Traditional, impressionistic, photo realistic and abstract painting will be considered in relation to marine and other genres in the title. Bring your own photos and materials and at least 4 small canvases to the first class.




Seeing & Sharing: Conversations in Art History  
Pat Stark Feinstein
8 weeks / Wednesdays, September 24 – November 12 / 1 – 2:30 pm
Members: $95   Non-members: $115

    Come share your experience and armchair travel to visit some great works of art from different eras, cultures and styles. Pat will share her wonderful slide collection and host conversations about art. What do we see when looking at a painting? How do works of art move us, inform us, inspire us? Beyond the immediate delight or pleasure, what are the many layers of experience offered to us by works of art? By sharing our sight and insight with others, we can deepen our understanding of the visual language and enrich our enjoyment of art.
    “Critical seeing, aware of the incompleteness of perception, is explorative and dwells on details as well as on the large aspect that we call the whole. It takes into account others’ seeing; it is a collective and cooperative seeing and welcomes comparison of different perceptions and judgments.”
– Meyer Schapiro


Jewelry with Precious Metal Clay- for Beginners      
Kim Rumberger
8 weeks / Wednesdays, Sept 24 - Nov 12 / 6 – 8 pm
Members: $130  Non-members: $150

    Students will gain a basic understanding about Precious Metal Clay, (PMC), which is a pliable substance that fuses into solid metal when fired. Basic techniques for forming, shaping, texturing, finishing and polishing will be covered, as well as tool use and care. Students will complete their own pieces using fine silver clay, which can be worn or given as gifts (just in time for the holidays). The use of a variety of other artistic skills will be encouraged to create unique pieces. Some basic supplies will be provided, but all other supplies are not included (including PMC) and can be purchased from the instructor. Great fun, and your finished pieces will be amazing! For questions: e-mail momatthecape@gmail.com


Drawing: Learning to See       
Christy King
8 weeks / Thursdays, Sept 25 - Nov 13 / 6 – 7:30 pm
Members: $95   Non-members: $115      Materials fee: $15

    Drawing helps us see the world in new ways, and we can develop the skills and experience to bring it all to life in 2-dimensional forms. Learn the fundamentals of creating form, proportion, light and shade, gesture and composition with varied exercises, materials, methods and drawing from life. We’ll even do some drawing in the galleries!



Eight Recent Films with an Edge 
Eric Hart
8 weeks / Thursdays, Sept 25 - Nov 13 / 6 – 8:30 pm
Members: $130  Non-members: $150

    This class will center on eight recent films, which might be described as unusual, edgy, thought provoking, whimsical, controversial or even off the wall. Each film will certainly leave the participants of this class with a lot to talk about. Refreshments will be served at each class.

Thursday Sept 25; Director Michel Gondry (2013) 94 min.
In this whimsical but ultimately very affecting film, Michel Gondry creates a magical universe around an inventor and the beautiful young woman (Audrey Tautou) whose mysterious illness he is desperately trying to cure.

Thursday Oct. 2; Director Jim Jarmusch (2013) 2 hr and 3 min.
Jim Jarmusch, master of the weird and eclectic, makes the brilliant vampire film only he could make. With Tilda Swinton, Tim Hiddleston and Mia Wasikowska.

Thursday Oct 9; Dir.ector Giorgos Lanthimos (2019) 94 min.
: This controversial film from Greece concerns a strange, totally isolated well-to-do family who rules are made by uber-controlling parents, until an outsider upsets the balance and havoc follows.

Thursday Oct. 16; Director Joshua Oppenheimer. (2012) 115 min.
: In this disturbing, Oscar-Nominated documentary the filmmakers challenged former Indonesian death- squad leaders to reenact their mass killings in any cinematic genres they wished. The results are bizarre, chilling and finally transformative.

Thursday Oct 23; Director Lars von Tries (2011) 2 hr and 13 min.
: Lars von Trier explores the fraught relationship between two sisters
(Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg) on a magnificent Swedish country estate, as the collision of earth with a mysterious new planet grows more and more inevitable.

Thursday Oct 30; Dir.ector Alejandro Jodorowsky (2012) 2 hr 10 min.
: From the legendary, visionary director of El Topo, this latest film revisits his unhappy and alienated childhood, blending his personal history with metaphor, mythology and poetry.

Thursday Nov. 6; Director Lenny Abrahamson (2014) 95 min.
: A film impossible to categorize this is essentially a fictional exploration of a fascinating performer loosely based on a real singer from England who is never seen without a huge papier-mâché head. With the wonderful Michael Fassbender, Maggie Gyllenhaal

Thursday Nov. 7
A surprise new Film to be announced!


Acrylic Painting   SOLD OUT
Michael A. Giaquinto
8 weeks / Fridays, Sept 26 - Nov 14 / 9 – 11 am
Members: $130  Non-members: $150

Learn the fundamentals of using acrylic paints starting with the color wheel, mixing paints, proper use of brushes, composition and more. Develop skills, improve your techniques, and create original art with individual attention and support along the way!







Painting Skies & Water with William R. Davis
September 20 & 21, 2014
Saturday: 10:30 am - 4 pm
Sunday: 12:30 - 4 pm

Members: $195  Non-members: $220
This workshop is concerned with atmospheric observations of both sky and water and how to capture these moments with paint. There will be a focus on maintaining a tonality and a strong source of light as well, and will cover both landscape and seascapes. Davis is a Luminist master and a remarkable teacher. Class size is limited, so sign up soon!



Watercolor Painting    
Kely Knowles
Saturday, October 11: 10:30 – 3 pm
Members: $100   Not-yet members: $120

Join Kely for an artful day of watercolor painting! Start with breathing to wake up the right side of the brain, followed by demonstrations of various techniques: drawing, large washes, multiple layers, and finishing details. Using a half sheet of 140 lb. or 300 lb. watercolor paper, students can choose among painting a landscape with a lighthouse, an American flag, or select your own subject matter! Images will be provided for your convenience (or bring your own). Needed supplies are listed below.










Please register early! Enrollment is first-come, first-served basis.

To register online:
Click on appropriate underlined price.
To register by mail:
CCMoA, P.O. Box 2034, Dennis, MA 02638
To register by phone:
508-385-4477 ext 20
CCMoA members receive a reduction in class fees. Click here to
become a member.
Adult classes are open to high school students.

Materials lists are provided below. Also see class descriptions for specific information. Questions? Call 508-385-4477 ext 20


Cape Cod Museum of Art is not responsible for materials or artwork left on the premises.

Materials Lists for Selected Classes

Painting Skies and Water with William R. Davis
Most Common Colors to be used in the workshop:
White  (blend 50% zinc & 50% Titanium)
Ivory Black
Sepia (optional)
Yellow Ochre
Cadmium Yellow Deep
Cadmium Yellow Light
Cadmium red
Venetian or Indian Red
Raw Umber
Greenish Umber
Ultramarine Violet
Ultramarine Blue
Cerulean Blue
Indigo Blue (optional)
Prussian Blue (optional)
Transparent Oxide Red (optional)
Transparent Oxide Yellow
Dioxazine Purple
(I prefer to use no greens on my palette. I make my greens from blues. But please bring what greens you may usually use)
Avoid Alkyds they dry too fast.

Bristle Rounds:  0, 2, 4
Bristle Flats:  2, 4, 6,
Bristle Fan: 2, 4
Nylon Flats:  6, 10, 20
Nylon Rounds: 0, 1, 2, 4
(I will have an assortment of more unusual brushes on site for personal use, I would prefer you become accustomed to these before asking you to purchase them for the workshop)

Medium: Cold Pressed Linseed Oil (I use no varnish or turpentine in my medium)
Palette Knives: Standard Medium
Painting Panels: Gesso-primed canvas panels, or Gesso-primed hardboard panels
(best sizes for workshops are 6x8, 8x10, 9x12)


Introduction to Oil Painting with Melanie McGraw
Palette: preferably wood or glass; 11 x 16 is a good standard size
Oil paint colors: Titanium White, Cadmium Lemon, Cadmium Yellow (can be replaced with Winsor & Newton's Winsor Yellow Deep), Cadmium Red (can be replaced with Winsor & Newton's Winsor Red), Alizarin Crimson Permanent, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue
Metal palette cups with caps (2 singles or a double)
Brushes: Natural bristles, Filbert Style - sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 
Canvas: 6 - nothing smaller than 8 x 10 and nothing larger than 11 x 14; an assortment of sizes is good. Recommended: primed canvas or linen boards, panels and primed stretched canvas
Odorless Turpenoid - 4 or 8 oz - made by Weber
8 oz - 12 oz brush washing container, metal or glass, with lid
Liquin Original (by Winsor & Newton) smallest size
Paper towels, paper trash bag


Basic Acrylic Painting - Michael Giaquinto 
Colors – Carbon or Ivory Black, Cadmium Red Medium, Cadmium Yellow Light, Cobalt Blue, Titanium White.  150ml tubes. These are 3 Primary Colors plus Black and White
Brushes: Variety of sizes for acrylic paint + 2” wide brush (inexpensive)
Canvas Boards or Stretched Canvas; 11” x 14” or 12” x 16”
12 x 16 Palette Pad
One empty coffee can for water.
Clean rags or a roll of paper towels

Beginning Acrylic Painting All Levels
Primary Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, plus White and Black,
Brushes: Variety of sizes for acrylic paint + 2” wide brush (cheap)
Canvas Boards or Stretched Canvas; 11” x 14” or 12” x 16”
One empty coffee can; for cleaning brushes
Clean rags or a roll of paper towels
Call Michael if you have any questions: 508-385-4477-ext: 11


Kely Knowles Watercolor Workshop
1.5” watercolor flat brush (or 2”), 10” round brush, 6” round brush, 4” round brush, flat brushes any sizes
French Utramarine Blue, Colbalt Blue, Cerulean Blue, Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Red, Quinacridone Red or Alizarin Crimson
I use Winsor Newton and M.Graham Brand Paints
Pallete for your paint.
White mixing wells or bowls.
Large board to tape watercolor paper to (can be cardboard)
Masking Tape (Not Blue)
White rags (Tshirts or diapers)
2 buckets for water
2H pencil

Jewelry from Precious Metal Clay with Kim Rumberger
Notebook and pen for notes
Tool box/container or some kind of organizer for storing and transporting supplies
A deck of cards
2 paint brushes: size 1 round, size 2 flat
An airline carry-on bottle kit (with one spray bottle, several other liquid bottles (found at CVS, KMart, etc.)



CCMA is an equal opportunity employer and provider.
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