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Cape Cod Museum of Art

Art Classes

See registration information listed below workshops.
Materials lists for classes are listed at the bottom of this page. 

To register online, click on the underlined price.  

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Beginning Wheel-Thrown Pottery  SOLD OUT!
8 weeks / Fridays, July 11 - August 29 / 10 am - 1 pm
Members: $260   Not-yet members: $285  ($45 materials fee included in the price)
Focusing on the fundamentals of “throwing” on the potter’s wheel, these classes are an introduction to the basic visual and technical issues involving ceramic forms. Through demonstrations and individual assistance, Nat helps each student develop skills using the potter’s wheel to create functional forms such as cups, bowls and vases.
Weekly Beginning Pottery Workshops
Per weekly session: Members $165.00   Not-yet members $195.00
(Price includes $45 materials fee)
July 7 - 10 / Monday - Thursday, 3 - 5pm

Open Clay Studio
Thursdays, July 10 - August 28 / 6 - 8 pm  
Per individual session: Members $30  Not-yet Members $45.00
Students must use CCMA clay.  Clay price including bisque firing is $21.00
Students must call to register for Open Clay Studio: 508-385-4477 ext 16
Previous clay experience required.

Painting with Mixed Media
Christy King
4 weeks / Mondays, July 7 - 28 / 1 - 3 pm
Members: $80   Non-members: $90
$15 materials fee included in fee

Begin with your own watercolor or acrylic painting surfaces, discover the unexpected power of adding other media to enhance your creative expression. From collage materials to stamping/relief printing, colored pencils, markers, fabric and papers, this process can develop into unique and compelling compositions. Imagine! Explore! Create!
 Introduction to Oil Painting
Melanie McGraw
4 weeks / Tuesdays, July 8 - 29 / 1 - 3 pm

Members: $65  Non-members: $75
This class welcomes beginning and intermediate students with an introduction to the materials and techniques of oil painting with an emphasis in classical painting techniques. Safe painting habits, preparing surfaces, composition, drawing, perspective and color theory / harmony are also covered. Specific instruction on the steps to complete an oil painting, demonstrations and individual attention is provided for each student to ensure success! 

Art of the British Isles and Ireland  Open - starting July 16
Elizabeth Mumford
6 weeks / Wednesdays, July 16 - August 20 / 10 am - Noon
Members: $95  Non-members: $110

The survey starts with prehistoric, Roman and early medieval art and continues through World War I. The art of Tudor and Stuart England, the impact of the Protestant Reformation, Romanticism and the Victorian era are among themes considered along the way. The course covers architecture, painting, sculpture, manuscripts, silver and furniture.






Elizabeth Mumford  SOLD OUT  
4 weeks / Wednesdays, July 9 - 30 / 1 - 3 pm
Members: $65  Non-members: $75 
Develop basic drawing skills learning the elements of line, form, texture and value. Varied exercise and mark-making materials will create an understanding of essential drawing methods. 

Fabric Painting
Deborah Howard
4 weeks / Thursdays, July 10 - 31 / 1 - 3 pm
Members: $121 Non-members: $131  Materials fee of $56 included in fee

An introduction to hand-painted textiles uses thickened procion and remazol dyes as a medium. Explore the qualities of this versatile, transparent dye to create both 
repeat and all-over patterns on fabric panels, including how to prepare fabric and dyes for painting and exploring the ideas of color theory. Experiment with incorporating other surface design techniques in patterns through the use of resist and stamping. A focus on the elements of good design includes creating successful imagery, motifs, compositions and color palettes.

(See descriptions above for repeated classes)

Painting with Mixed Media
Christy King
4 weeks / Mondays, August 4 - 25 / 1 - 3 pm
Members: $80    Non-members: $90   
Materials fee of $15 included in price.
This class will work with similar materials as in the July session, but will not be identical in projects; take both classes to continue your exploration in this area!

Introduction to Oil Painting
Melanie McGraw
4 weeks / Tuesdays, August 5 - 26, 1 - 3 pm 
Members: $65 Non-members: $75

Elizabeth Mumford
4 weeks / Wednesdays, August 6 - 27 / 1 - 3 pm
Members: $65 Non-members: $75

Fabric Painting
Deborah Howard
4 weeks / Thursdays, August 7 - 28 / 1 - 3 pm
Members: $121 Non-members: $131  
Materials fee of $56 included in the price
Monoprinting With & Without a Press
Leslie Kramer
4 weeks / Fridays, August 8 - 29 / 1 - 3 pm

Members: $75     Non-members: $85
Materials fee of $10 included in fee

We will explore a range of monoprinting techniques, using water-based inks on plexiglas plates. The class will begin with transfer printing, which doesn’t require a press. Then we will follow with subtractive and additive monoprinting on the press, and conclude with chine colle, which is a method of adding colored rice papers simultaneously with printing, to create a synthesis of the various techniques. We will be using both color and black and white inks. For both the beginning or advanced printmaker.

Beginning Weaving - Classes take place at the instructor's Weaving Studio, 2623 Rte 6A, Brewster
Gretchen Romey-Tanzer
August 4 - 8 / 9:30 - 11:30 am
Members: $125   Non-members: $145 (Materials fee of $50 including in the price)

Students will have the opportunity to design and weave their own place mats, scarves, and table runners. Floor looms will be set up for the students to weave on. Those who are interested can move on to designing their own fabrics through learning how to draft patterns and pick yarns. Students will learn how to work with color, texture and various yarns and materials to achieve the results they want.

Band Weaving - Classes take place at the instructor's Weaving Studio, 2623 Rte 6A, Brewster
Gretchen Romey Tanzer
One week each
July 7 - 11 / 9:30 - 11:30 am  CLOSED
July 28 - August 1 / 9:30 - 11:30 am

Members: $125   Non-members: $145 ($50 Materials fee included in price)

Students will learn how to weave on an Inkle loom to create bands and belts for various uses (guitar straps, belts, ties and straps for hand woven bags). Students will have the opportunity work with a variety of yarn textures and colors to create individual projects. Inkle looms are small portable looms specifically designed for weaving long narrow woven pieces.
Participants will have the opportunity to try Card weaving. Card weaving is an ancient band weaving technique used by the Vikings to decorate their ceremonial garments. Card weaving is a more complex process that has great design potential. Those with the Viking spirit will find this process to their liking. Card weaving uses very little equipment and is portable. 



Please register early! Enrollment is first-come, first-served basis.

To register online:
Click on appropriate underlined price.
To register by mail:
CCMoA, P.O. Box 2034, Dennis, MA 02638
To register by phone:
508-385-4477 ext 16
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Adult classes are open to high school students.

Materials lists are provided below. Also see class descriptions for specific information. Questions? Call 508-385-4477 ext 16


Cape Cod Museum of Art is not responsible for materials or artwork left on the premises.

Materials Lists for Selected Classes

Introduction to Oil Painting with Melanie McGraw
Palette: preferably wood or glass; 11 x 16 is a good standard size
Oil paint colors: Titanium White, Cadmium Lemon, Cadmium Yellow (can be replaced with Winsor & Newton's Winsor Yellow Deep), Cadmium Red (can be replaced with Winsor & Newton's Winsor Red), Alizarin Crimson Permanent, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue
Metal palette cups with caps (2 singles or a double)
Brushes: Natural bristles, Filbert Style - sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 
Canvas: 6 - nothing smaller than 8 x 10 and nothing larger than 11 x 14; an assortment of sizes is good. Recommended: primed canvas or linen boards, panels and primed stretched canvas
Odorless Turpenoid - 4 or 8 oz - made by Weber
8 oz - 12 oz brush washing container, metal or glass, with lid
Liquin Original (by Winsor & Newton) smallest size
Paper towels, paper trash bag

Basic Drawing - Elizabeth Mumford
#2 pencil
Sketch book - 11 x 14 or larger


Basic Acrylic Painting - Michael Giaquinto 
Colors – Carbon or Ivory Black, Cadmium Red Medium, Cadmium Yellow Light, Cobalt Blue, Titanium White.  150ml tubes. These are 3 Primary Colors plus Black and White
Brushes: Variety of sizes for acrylic paint + 2” wide brush (inexpensive)
Canvas Boards or Stretched Canvas; 11” x 14” or 12” x 16”
12 x 16 Palette Pad
One empty coffee can for water.
Clean rags or a roll of paper towels


Beginning Acrylic Painting All Levels
Primary Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, plus White and Black,
Brushes: Variety of sizes for acrylic paint + 2” wide brush (cheap)
Canvas Boards or Stretched Canvas; 11” x 14” or 12” x 16”
One empty coffee can; for cleaning brushes
Clean rags or a roll of paper towels
Call Michael if you have any questions: 508-385-4477-ext: 11


Art - the Possibilities - Bonnie Brewer
Acrylic paints- suggested colors: cadmium yellow light, cadmium yellow medium, cadmium red light, cadmium red medium, cadmium red deep, permanent magenta (optional), permanent rose (optional), cerulean blue (optional), French ultramarine blue, phthalo blue (optional), titanium white, dioxazine purple
Brushes for acrylics or house painting brushes: large and medium rounds, large and medium flats
Bounty paper towels or rags
Palette with a cover (acrylics dry quickly); plastic wrap also works
Spray bottle for water to keep paints moist
Vellum Bristol Board (paper) 2-ply acid-free, 19" x 24" or 18" x 24" - this can be used instead of canvas drawing board (optional) 22" x 26
Drawing Board (optional)
32 oz. water container with cover for water to clean brushes and palette knives
Painting knife- 2" blade with tapered point, 5/8" at widest part, raised handle; and palette knife, 3" blade with round tip, raised handle
Portable easel (optional)
Art Suppliers: A.C. Moore, Hyannis; Art Supply Warehouse (AWS), 800-995-6678 
www.aswexpress.com, Cape Cod Photo & Art, Orleans (10% discount if you say you are taking a class with me)
Please bring photos or still life objects if you would like visual references to paint from during the class.


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CCMA is an equal opportunity employer and provider.
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